ProviderInstitute for Quality Management in Healthcare Centre for Proficiency Testing
Accredited byA2LA: American Association for Lab Accreditation
Accredited againstISO/IEC 17043
Address1500-393 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1E6 CANADA
ContactDr. Berna Aslan
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APLAC MRA signatory forTesting 17025,Calibration 17025,Medical Testing 15189,Inspection 17020,PTP 17043,RMP ISO Guide34
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Analysis & Testing Field Health Testing,
Program >Chemistry, including routine chemistry, drug monitoring, drugs of abuse, lipids, enzymes, immunology, and endocrinology.
>Hematology, including routine hematology, red cell disorders, coagulation, morphology, bone marrow and flow cytometry.
>Microbiology, including molecular microbiology, bacteriology, C. difficile antigen and/or toxin detection, smears for acid-fast bacilli, mycology, parasitology, viral serology and direct viral antigen tests
>Pathology, including histotechnology and immunohistochemistry
>Point-of-care Testing for glucose
>Transfusion medicine

Calibration Field
Inspection Field